Custom Service

Custom Service

Custom Motherboard & Computer Manufacturer

We are a high-tech and experienced manufacturer, providing standard products and custom design services of industrial/embedded motherboards and industrial computers to qualified OEMs. Our custom design of industrial motherboards and industrial computers is oriented by customer service experience. We make it very easy for clients to participate in the communication and implementation of projects. We attach great importance to each custom project, and reduce your design time, design cost and design risk with the most professional service and the most objective advice.

Customization Range

· Details:

motherboard, appearance, function, packaging, chassis etc.

Industrial motherboard
Intel x86 platform
High performance computing
Edge computing
AIoT gateway
Custom shape and size

industrial computer
Fanless Ultra-Compact BOX PC
Rugged Box PC
Heavy duty steel/aluminum chassis and enclosure
Thermal simulation testing of chassis for use with our industrial motherboards

· Application Scenarios:

automated industry, smart retail, smart city, network security, smart education, smart finance, medical and energy.


Custom Advantages

Customization Capability

Our senior engineers team with over 6 years’ experience and perfect customization system can meet customers’ various needs with flexible design solutions.

Competitive Price

Our stable and rich supply chain can ensures that our products keep costs under control to bring customer more profits.

Reliable Quality

We have strict ISO9001 Quality System quality control and test process, and we control the annual maintenance rate below 0.5% to ensure that customer receive products in good condition.
Our load monthly capacity can be 5,000 industrial computers and we have professional logistics and order follow-up team to save delivery time.

Customer First Principle

What we have been pursuing is super customer experience. So we will do our best to help customer solve the problem.

Service Process

Propose and Review Solution

Customer’s needs are recorded in form of tabular firstly, then our engineering team will assist customer to review solution until customer affirms solution.

Set up Project

Before the project starts, we will set up a project team and prepare a project plan.

Design and Develop Product

Before the production of the first batch of samples, we will provide the product design and test it within the agreed time.

Design Change

If the customer is not satisfied with the sample trial, we will re-design and test the sample. After the customer confirms the sample, we will file the R&D data and start mass production.

Confirm Sample Design

If the sample passes the test, the customer will receive the sample for trial and confirm to continue producing the sample.

Produce and Test Sample

After the sample design is approved, we will first conduct small batch sample production and testing.

Case Show

Industrial Automation Application

Smart Retail Application

Smart Community

Smart Medical


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