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An ARM motherboard refers to a motherboard that is designed to support ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) processors. ARM-based systems are known for their power efficiency, low heat generation, and high performance-per-watt ratio. They are widely used in consumer electronics, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, embedded systems, and other applications where energy efficiency and compact size are important considerations.

Advantages of ARM POS Motherboard

  • eDP's 15.6" 1080P and 720P (BOE high-resolution screen and low-resolution screen) adaptive matching
  • Adaptive matching of various WIFI modules
  • Dual screen with different display and different touch
  • The main and secondary screens can be rotated
  • Host switch button
  • System navigation bar and status bar settings
  • SN and model writing tool
  • OTA online upgrade function
  • remote assistance function
  • Product Management Platform
  • Compatible with mainstream SAAS software such as Silver Leopard, Sixun, Kemai, and Kingdee
  • High reliability: MTBF greater than 20,000 hours
  • Anti-interference performance is higher than the national standard

Application of ARM Based Motherboard

AI recognition scale

Smart cash register


ARM motherboards often include features such as USB ports, Ethernet ports, audio jacks, expansion slots, and GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins to connect peripherals and expansion modules. They may also include onboard storage, memory slots, and other components required for a complete computing system.


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