Application of Gifa Motion Control Card——Equipment Automation

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Application of Gifa Motion Control Card——Equipment Automation

Definition: The motion control card is used as the upper control unit for various motion control occasions (including displacement, speed, acceleration, etc.).

The motion control card is a high-performance stepper/servo motor motion control card based on the PC bus, using high-performance microprocessors (such as DSP) and large-scale programmable devices to realize multi-axis coordinated control of multiple servo motors, including Pulse output, pulse count, digital input, digital output, D/A output and other functions.

The function of motion control card:
(1) In order to better meet the standardization, flexibility and openness requirements of the new CNC system;
(2) In the development and transformation of automatic control systems for various industrial equipment (such as packaging machinery, printing machinery, etc.), national defense equipment (such as tracking and positioning systems, etc.), intelligent medical devices, etc., there is an urgent need for a motion control module. Hardware platform;
(3) The wide application of industrial computers in various industrial sites also prompts the corresponding control cards to be equipped to give full play to the powerful functions of PCs.
Motion control cards usually use professional motion control chips or high-speed DSP as the core of motion control, mostly used to control stepper motors or servo motors. Generally, the motion control card and the PC form a master-slave control structure: the PC is responsible for the management of the human-computer interaction interface and the real-time monitoring of the control system (such as keyboard and mouse management, system status display, motion track, etc.) Planning, sending of control instructions, monitoring of external signals, etc.); the control card completes all the details of motion control (including the output of pulse and direction signals, the processing of automatic speed up and down, the detection of signals such as origin and limit, etc.).


Gifa can offer customized products for customers, supporting 8-axis, up to 64-axis motion control, including linear interpolation, arbitrary circular interpolation, and helical interpolation. Through the CAN bus, it can be expanded up to 224 isolated inputs and 256 isolated outputs. The motion control card is equipped with an open function library for users to develop and construct the required control system under the DOS or Windows system platform. Therefore, this kind of motion control card with open structure can be widely used in various fields of equipment automation in manufacturing industry.


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