Application of Industrial Computer in Remote Device Management

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Remote control technology refers to the technology in which a computer (the main control end) controls another computer or multiple computers (the controlled end) through a network. When using the main control computer to control the controlled computer, it is possible to monitor the operation of the controlled computer, start or close the application program of the controlled computer, and also use the resources of the controlled computer.



Remote device management refers to the seamless connection of production equipment using 5G networks in today's smart factory 5G application scenarios, meeting the requirements of device interconnection and remote interaction applications in industrial environments. The plan uses a 5G industrial gateway, with the main control end connecting the factory equipment, and real-time transmission of on-site factory data to the backend operation and maintenance management platform, to build a comprehensive information system that connects people and machines inside and outside the factory as the center.


GIFA can provide customers with hardware equipment such as core servers and edge data collection industrial control computers. According to the customer's field needs, high-speed serial communication is used to collect information and then point-to-point transmission is carried out through 5G edge computing equipment.


Recommended model GE-901EI-PL

GE-901EI-PL is a workstation level edge computing system, equipped with industrial Intel ® Q170 system chip, capable of carrying Intel ® Xeon ®/ CoRE ™ Desktop processor (6th/7th/8th/9th Gen), 2 * DDR4 2400/2666MHz, dual channel memory, maximum support of 64GB. VGA+DP+HDMI, 3 display interfaces, 3 * LAN, 6 * USB3.1, 1 * M.2 B-Key, supporting wireless functions such as WiFi/BT, 1 * M.2 E-Key, supporting 5G/4G wireless network, multi PCIe expansion, supporting up to 750W power consumption graphics card, and 1 * PCIeX16 flexibly meeting customer needs. 1 * M.2 2280 M-Key, supporting NVMe storage, 2 * 2.5 "SATA3 hard disk rack, supporting RAID0,1. Workstation level system efficiency, complete function configuration, rich expansion flexibility, industrial control level product design, very suitable for industrial automation, AI edge computing, small intelligent workstations, multimedia service systems, high-precision machine vision and other industries.


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