AI Edge Computing & New Infrastructure

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AI Edge Computing & New Infrastructure



What does the new infrastructure include?

5G base station construction, high-speed intercity railway & urban rail transit, new energy vehicle charging pile, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet etc. This article will explain how AI edge computing can be applied in smart transportation, new energy charging piles, industrial automation and AI smart communities.


1. smart transportation industry - high-speed rail application


The high-speed rail comprehensive monitoring system is a huge and complex system. The main monitoring content can be divided into five categories: natural disaster monitoring (such as earthquakes, rainfall and floods, wind speed and direction, etc.), line monitoring (such as axial temperature , roadbed disasters, etc.), large-scale structure monitoring (such as station buildings, tunnels, traction substations and surrounding natural conditions monitoring, etc.), object intrusion monitoring, train operation status and compartment monitoring, etc.

The high-speed rail comprehensive monitoring system solution is a large-scale computer integrated system, which integrates and interconnects multiple high-speed rail automation professional subsystems and interconnects with other subsystems. Under the support of the integrated platform, the unified monitoring of each professional platform is carried out, which realizes information sharing of each professional system, the linkage control function between the systems and information foundation for modern operation and management of high-speed rail.


For the problems: scattered environmental monitoring points, harsh working environment, many unattended stations, surge in demand for intelligent video analysis, etc.,

the product recommended by Gifa can solve a series of problems for customers such as AI computing power, IO connection, storage, communication, etc.

▶11th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processor (Tiger Lake UP3), supports up to 28W TDP CPU
▶2 DDR4 memory, maximum support dual channel 64GB
▶1 M.2 B-Key (2242/2252) supports 5G/4G/3G,  1 M.2 E-Key (2230) supports Wi-Fi/BT,  1 M.2 M-Key (2242/2280), support NVMe protocol
▶Built-in SATA3.0 protocol 2.5-inch hard disk
▶Support three displays (VGA/HDMI/DP)
▶2 2.5 GbE network ports (i225-LM x 1, i225-V x 1)
▶Wide voltage power supply DC 9-36V, with short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent protection


2. New energy charging pile

In the face of global climate change, governments of various countries have accelerated the development of electric vehicles in order to encourage energy conservation and emission reduction, and the development of supporting electric vehicles-charging stations has become the last infrastructure project to promote the implementation of the entire industry. Here is a brief introduction to the application of Jifang Industrial Control's new product GF-301SI-S in electric vehicle charging stations - charging piles.



Product recommended by Gifa:

▶ Monitor the charging voltage and current: Connect the sensors of related applications through the COM-RS485 port
▶ Card swiping or identification: COM-232 or USB port connected to RFID or card reader
▶ Video: RJ45 Ethernet port connected to the camera
▶ Indicator light: COM-RS232 or GPIO port control light
▶ Screen: HDMI or VGA interface connected to the screen (some people use Panel PC directly)
▶ Touch: USB port touch screen
▶ Refund and print documents: COM-RS232 port connected to the printer
▶ Data upload: Wifi or 4G connection to the central office host
▶ Outdoor working host: no fan (not easy to damage), strong shell resistant to damage, resistant to outdoor high temperature.





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