Gifa Industrial Edge Computing Gateway Product

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Gifa Industrial Edge Computing Gateway Product


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The industrial gateway has the function of edge computing, which can quickly help users access the high-speed industrial Internet and realize safe and reliable network data transmission. The edge computing gateway is suitable for a variety of application scenarios such as transportation, energy, electricity, meteorology, industrial automation, water conservancy, environmental protection, medical care and other fields. It is also used in intelligent fields such as intelligent transportation, smart home, and smart Internet of vehicles. The edge computing gateway has data collection, protocol analysis, edge computing, 5G/4G/wifi data transmission and access to the industrial cloud platform. It supports the acquisition of PLCs, sensors, instruments and various controllers.

The industrial control machine GU-601SR-F1 recently launched by Gifa has a single-layer IO design. 5G, WiFi and other transmission interfaces. As an edge computing gateway, it has the following advantages:

▶1. low power consumption

Compared with cloud servers that collect massive data for centralized calculation and analysis, edge computing gateways process data in real time by virtue of the closest location to the device layer. By reducing the amount of data transmitted remotely and using high-energy-efficiency computing chips, it can effectively reduce the cost of overall energy consumption of the system of IoT applications.

▶2. architectural simplification for edge computing gateways

GU-601SR-F1 edge computing gateway integrates gateway and device control. At the same time, it has a complete built-in industry protocol library to facilitate device docking and support the development of device collaborative application functions, which greatly simplifies the communication layer architecture of the Internet of Things.

▶3. small size 
The edge computing gateway adopts a highly integrated design, which makes the size smaller and more compact. Besides, gateway terminal can be applied in more scenarios such as petrochemical, energy and power, rail transit, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection industries, etc.

▶4. smart response

The intelligent gateway equipped with edge computing function has powerful device linkage control capabilities, and it not only supports independent execution of device management strategies, multi-device linkage strategies, and exception handling strategies, also supports secondary development, which can further develop machine learning and computing optimization capabilities.

▶5. flexible deployment

The gateway can support networking methods such as Ethernet and 4G/5G/WIFI at the same time. The edge computing gateway is also supported by a powerful cloud software center, which can be installed corresponding firmware according to actual application scenarios.







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