Introduction for Gifa Smart Store Integrated System

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Introduction for Gifa Smart Store Integrated System


As a professional X86 platform POS machine motherboard supplier, Gifa accumulated rich market experience and launched a new retail smart store integrated system under the background of global economic recession and digital and intelligent transformation of the offline retail industry.


The smart store integrated POS system is centered on a host with edge computing capabilities, and integrates AI recognition cameras, electronic price tag base stations, live broadcast cameras, cash register surveillance cameras, digital signage, store surveillance cameras, etc. The software and hardware interfaces of peripheral components realize the functions of manual and self-service payment collection, customer interaction, multi-point customer acquisition, shelf management, customer flow analysis, shopping guidance, etc.


GE-901EI-F2 as the POS HOST of the entire smart store

Using Intel industrial-grade Q170 series chips, it can be equipped with Intel® Xeon®/Core™ desktop processors (6th/7th/8th/9th Gen), expandable fanless embedded industrial computer, suitable for IoT, control, industry 4.0 and other applications.



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