What Is the Difference Between Industrial Computer and Ordinary Computer?

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In modern control, industrial computers are used more and more widely and can be found in various industrial control fields. Some industrial computers are used in combination with some boards and cards with special functions, some just perform the same functions as ordinary computers, and ordinary computers can be used to realize their functions, but why do we use industrial computers instead of ordinary computers? In fact, to put it simply, ordinary home or office computers are of civilian grade, while industrial computers are of industrial grade, which has special requirements in other aspects of structure.

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Main differences

1. Industrial computers require strong impact resistance and can work in various special situations and special occasions. Therefore, in order to be more suitable for working in engineering workshops or in various special environments, the materials of industrial computers are mostly aluminum alloy and steel plate structures.

2. Some industrial computers need to work in a harsh environment with relatively high humidity, so industrial computers must be designed to adapt to various temperature and humidity environments so that they can work stably in environments with high temperature and humidity, but home computers do less than that.

3. The industrial computer must have the strong anti-interference ability. Because the industrial environment is always complex and changeable, mixed with a lot of interfering noise, it must have excellent shielding and anti-interference ability to ensure the stable operation of industrial computers.

4. Industrial control computers must have more types and quantities of industrial control protocol interfaces. Because the industrial computer must be able to connect with the following industrial equipment, it must have various interfaces to ensure the stable operation of each equipment.

5. The industrial control computer must have strong stability, which can solve unexpected situations such as computer program freezing or power failure, and can protect the effectiveness and integrity of industrial data, which is impossible for home computers.

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