Application of GIfA ARM Embedded Main Board in Disinfection Robot

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Application of GIfA  ARM Embedded Main Board in Disinfection Robot


The disinfection robot uses the robot as the carrier, and a disinfection system is installed inside the robot. There are atomization disinfection robots, ultraviolet disinfection robots, plasma disinfection robots and strong light pulse disinfection robots, etc. Among them, the atomization disinfection robot is the most common application. This robot atomizes disinfection product to generate disinfection gas and uses pneumatic system to quickly diffuse the disinfection gas in the indoor space, which can be effective and seamless. Besides, the disinfection robot can automatically, efficiently and accurately disinfect and prevent indoor diseases according to the set route.

Compared with human operations, disinfection robots can be exposed to harsh epidemic environments. This advantage can better ensure the thoroughness of disinfection and personnel safety. Currently, they have been widely applied by governments and hospitals. With the development trend of market and the upgrading of user needs, if the disinfection robot wants to achieve continuous optimization of product structure, it must adopt higher-quality, higher-performance embedded solutions as its hardware support.

The disinfection robot uses embedded computer hardware and driving devices to greatly improve the spraying range and work efficiency, and it can independently plan routes and avoid obstacles by perception and computer technology. Disinfection robots can also achieve voice broadcasts and human-computer functions and set spray concentration and spray time through intelligent terminal networking. With the continuous maturity of artificial intelligence technology, disinfection robots will be popularized in more places depend on advantages of contactlessness, safety and efficient operations.


In present system design of disinfection robots, the surrounding environment is monitored in real time by installing sensors, and relevant data is collected through algorithm processing sensors, intelligence, voice recognition systems, etc., and then enormous data is deeply analyzed and dealed with by a microcomputer control system composed of multiple intelligent embedded software and hardware. Finally, robot realizes intelligent functions such as path self-planning, intelligent identification and human-computer interaction.

The brain of the disinfection robot - the ARM embedded motherboard independently developed by GiFA-integrated GPU, NPU, fast running speed, low power consumption, and it can coordinate a series of functions at the same time. Each functional module works in coordination with each other under the control of the motherboard. Equipped with infrared ranging sensor, collision detection sensor, down-looking sensor, electronic gyroscope and acceleration sensor, it can ensure the realization of various functions of the robot.


Based on the performance requirements of disinfection robots in terms of automation and AI expansion, the ARM embedded hardware developed by GIfA has rich network and expansion interfaces, which supports neural network computing engines and deep learning neural network acceleration. So it has excellent performance in information entry, storage and data processing. GIFA's embedded computer hardware has good industrial quality. It mostly adopt ultra-low power consumption processor chips and can work in an ultra-wide working range, ensuring long-term stable and trouble-free operation of the disinfection robot.


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