Understanding the Different Varieties of Industrial Motherboards

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If you are in the market for an industrial computer, you will find multiple options with various industrial motherboard options. Do you know what makes the difference in this huge variety? Certain technical factors set a motherboard apart from all others.

How do different varieties of industrial motherboards differentiate?

The following are the main 7 qualities that vary from product to product when buying an industrial motherboard.

Integration and interface

The first and most important difference in different motherboards will be interface and integration options. Every industrial motherboard has a list of I/O ports and integration options that help you use it with multiple types of machinery.

So, the first difference that you may find in the variety of motherboards will be the integration and interface differences. These are important because using the right one can make your operation feasible under different conditions.

 industrial motherboard

Powerful components

Next up comes the difference between the components of the motherboards. An industrial motherboard usually comes with power components as compared to domestic PCs. However, these vary depending on certain factors.

For instance, there could be a processing-intensive application that may demand a highly performing processor. Similarly, every component of these motherboards is designed to meet industrial-grade needs.

Extreme contortion operation

Most industrial motherboard-based computers do not operate under normal conditions. These are designed to withstand the following:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Operating for extensive periods
  • Dust
  • Vibrations
  • Shock
  • Electromagnetic interface, etc.

However, equipping every motherboard with an extreme level of reliability will be overkill considering its performance demands. That's why different options in the variety are resistant to different levels of extreme conditions. For example, some motherboards even come with sealed enclosures for water resistance.

Long lifespan with reliability

When working in an industry, you cannot change your computers after some time. That's why these motherboards bring added reliability. These are designed to last longer than usual computers, and the guarantee of their longer lifespan comes from the support services and extended warranties. The duration of these warranties can also vary between different options.


Although all industrial motherboard options will not offer you the same customization capabilities, it is a quality that you would often find. From the components to I/O ports, a motherboard must meet all the requirements for an industrial application. That's why some are designed with customizability in mind so that the motherboard specifically fits its spot and meets changing requirements.

PCB size and design

The last difference you may find will be the PCB design of motherboards. It can affect performance and enhance their stability. Similarly, size is important as smaller motherboards perform better and fit in compact spaces. Meanwhile, the bigger ones are better for customization and longevity.

Learn the differences between industrial motherboards to determine which is best for you

The industrial motherboard does make a performance difference, and it is all because of the top-notch specs. However, selecting one without knowing the difference can be complex. So, list your requirements and select the option that best fits your needs.


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