GE-903EI: High Performance Industrial Computer Solutions in the Era of Intelligent Manufacturing

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Based on the background of technological innovation and industry demand, GIFA Industrial Control has reached a strategic cooperation with Intel in the early stages. With the joint cooperation of both parties, GIFA Industrial Control not only absorbs and utilizes the latest technological achievements, but also significantly improves its response speed to market changes.

The GE-903EI series products launched by GIFA Industrial Control are designed to meet the challenges of the Industry 4.0 era. This series of products adopts industrial grade Intel ®  Q670 system chip and can be equipped with high-performance Intel ® xeon  ®/ CoRE  ™ Desktop processor, supporting DDR4 memory, can scale up to 64GB, ensuring powerful data processing capabilities. At the same time, the product supports multiple expansion slots, including PCI and PCIe, meeting the needs of different expansion cards, enhancing the flexibility and scalability of the system.


The GE-903EI series products not only have powerful functions, but also have high reliability and stability. It supports 9-36V wide voltage DC-in power supply and integrates short-circuit, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection functions, ensuring stable operation in complex and ever-changing industrial environments. At the same time, the product also supports multiple communication interfaces, including multiple gigabit network ports and multiple serial port designs, as well as 5G/4G and Wi Fi/BT module extensions that support M.2 interfaces, meeting the stringent requirements of modern industrial applications for high-speed data transmission and communication.

In practical applications, the GE-903EI series products have helped multiple enterprises achieve upgrades in automated production and product testing. Taking a world-renowned camera manufacturer as an example, the customer requires an industrial computer without a fan, capable of stable operation for 7 * 24 hours, with multiple RS-232 interfaces, gigabit Ethernet ports, and high-speed USB 3.0 interfaces, and requires a high-performance GPU. On the basis of fully considering customer needs, GIFA Industrial Control has carefully developed and launched GE-901EI Plus L as an automated detection solution for camera testing stations. This solution not only fully meets customer needs, but also highlights its excellent multiple scalability, while being compatible with and supporting up to seven Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports, ensuring the efficiency and stability of data transmission and processing.

GIFA Industrial Control's customized solution significantly improves customer production efficiency and product quality through its powerful computing power and high-speed data processing capabilities. At the same time, it reduces operating costs and enhances market competitiveness by optimizing production processes. The high satisfaction of users with the GE-903EI series products and the significant results in efficiency improvement and cost savings after using the products fully demonstrate the effectiveness of GIFA's customized industrial control solutions. These achievements not only reflect the profound understanding of customer needs by GIFA Industrial Control, but also demonstrate its professional capabilities in the fields of automation and intelligence technology.



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