"Joining Hands into the AI Era" Meteor Lake New Product Launch

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On May 22, 2024, the "Jointly Entering the AI Era" Meteor Lake New Product Launch Conference, jointly organized by Shenzhen GIFA Industrial Control Co., Ltd. and Intel (China) Co., Ltd., was grandly held at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel . At this press conference, GIFA Industrial Control showcased its performance based on Intel ® CoRE  ™  The series of new products and solutions for Ultra processors, and discussing the future of AI technology with guests.

Before the press conference began, the guests present had a close-up experience of the new product series of GIFA Core Ultra. The feedback from the guests on the new products was extremely positive. Many guests expressed that GIFA Industrial Control is a enterprise that is brave in innovation and change. They hope that we can work together to launch more products and applications.


In the future, GIFA Industrial Control will continue to be committed to the research, development and innovation of AI and edge computing technologies, and provide users with more intelligent, convenient and safe products and services.


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