GIFA brings smart retail solutions to the 2024 CHINASHOP exhibition

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The 24th China Retail Expo (2024 CHINASHOP) was grandly held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from March 13 to 15, 2024. The six themed zones cover the entire retail field, including excellent facilities and equipment, cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, trendy products, and retail brands.

Shenzhen GIFA Industrial Control Co., Ltd., as a titanium grade partner of Intel and an ODM manufacturer with long-term strategic cooperation, is showcasing the latest smart retail solutions at Intel's booth.

At this exhibition, GIFA showcased an open platform for the integrated system of smart stores.

With GIFA edge computing terminal as the core, it integrates the software and hardware interfaces of AI identification camera, electronic price tag base station, live video camera, cash register surveillance camera, digital signage, store surveillance camera and other peripheral components, and realizes the functions of manual and self-service collection, customer interaction, multi-point customer acquisition, shelf management, passenger flow analysis, loss prevention, shopping guidance and so on in smart stores, At the same time, this host is also an intelligent gateway for the store's Internet of Things system.


GIFA is committed to providing high-performance and stable motherboard products for smart retail system integrators. The exhibition also showcases the new GE-F1215UD14 product based on the 12th generation Intel Core processor (i3-1215U).


And POS motherboard products based on Intel J6412 processors and N-series processors.

The Intel retail device hardware solutions exhibition area attracted a large number of visitors to stop.

The upgrading of the smart retail industry chain has brought high-speed development opportunities to the entire POS and KIOSK industries. In the fiercely competitive market, GIFA has always maintained a leading position in product series, while quickly responding to market demand, understanding the pain points on customer production lines, and providing customers with practical and effective solutions. We will always be at the forefront of smart retail product technology research and development, committed to upgrading China's smart retail production line.



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