GIFA Appear at the 2023CHINASHOP Exhibition

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The 2023CHINASHOP (23rd China Retail Expo) was grandly opened on April 19th at the Chongqing International Expo Center. The exhibition covers an area of 100000 square meters, covering all categories and links of the retail industry chain, including retail brands, retail intelligent Internet of Things, retail intelligent information technology, supply chain and logistics equipment, retail commercial cold chain, retail fresh processing, retail store design and visual marketing, and retail premium products.

Shenzhen GIFA Industrial Control Co., Ltd., as a titanium grade partner of Intel and an ODM manufacturer with long-term strategic cooperation, is showcasing the latest intelligent retail solutions at the Intel booth.


In this exhibition, GIFA demonstrated the open platform of intelligent store integration system.

This system proposes standardized component specifications, interface protocols, and data communication protocols to form a new retail smart store POS interface standard. The products designed by each component manufacturer are designed according to standards.

This system provides the New Retail POS API based on the new retail smart store POS interface standard. Application software developers can easily control and manage various components. When changing component models, there is no need to redesign the software, only the software configuration work for this component model.



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