Industrial Computer Vs. Commercial Computer

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As we excel from the consumer PC, there are more powerful computer options like commercial computers and Industrial Computers. Commercial computers are also marketed for their high performance, so people often confuse them with industrial ones.

Industrial Computer Vs. Commercial Computer: The Main Differentiating Factors

There are many differences between industrial and commercial computers, and below are all the details you need to know.

Performing Well Under Vibrations And Shocks

One of the biggest differences between industrial computers and commercial computers is that industrial ones are made to perform under physical stress. They do not take any damage or impact on the performance, whether they get physical shocks or work under vibrations. It is something that commercial computers are not designed for.

Industrial Computers

Working Under Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference does damage to the computer by damaging its components. If it does not make the PC stop working normally, the operation can be poor with wrong values and malfunctioning outputs. The thing about industrial computer technology is that it is shielded from EMI and has no impact on performance.

Having An IP Rating For Protecting Against Humidity And Dirt

Commercial computers usually come with fans for cooling; hence they miss this very important feature of protection against humidity and dirt. On the other hand, industrial computers are designed to withstand all conditions, so they come with an IP rating. It ensures that your PC is protected against dirt, humidity, and water to a certain extent making it perfect for all sorts of outdoor applications.

Working Under High Temperatures

Even though these computers do not have any vents for airflow, these stiff offer a higher operating temperature range than any other computers. An industrial computer uses passive airflow heating as the external enclosure is made like a heatsink for better heat dissipation. So, whether the temperature is extremely hot or extremely cold, an industrial computer will maintain its performance under all circumstances.

Long-Term Maintenance And Availability

An amazing quality of industrial computer technology is its easy maintenance. It follows some industry standards for maintenance and availability. These run longer because their parts are available for a long time.

Ownership Cost In Long-Term

While the initial investment of an industrial computer may seem high, you will find these much cheaper in the long run than any other type of PC. It is because these don't need a lot of maintenance and regular repairing and can withstand harsh conditions physically and electrically.

High-End Performance With Reliability

Lastly, industrial computers are made to provide high-end performance with reliability. A commercial computer may also provide high-end performance, but its reliability is inconsistent with the industrial computer. That sets these apart, with the industrial computer being the better choice for many outdoor applications.

Find Out The Right Industrial Computer For Your Application.

Industrial Computers come in many variations with different performance capabilities, storage, networking, and I/O. So, when you need one, make sure to check all the specifications and get one that perfectly fits your requirements.


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