Gifa Embedded Industrial Computer in Smart Metallurgical Industry

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Gifa Embedded Industrial Computer in Smart Metallurgical Industry


The metallurgical industry is a national resource security industry, and the industry concentration is constantly improving. In the harsh production environment, there are many challenges in safety management. The intelligent metallurgical monitoring system can conduct real-time identification and detection of safe clothing, personnel behavior, object status and environmental risks in key dangerous operation areas in the metallurgical production process, so that the production operation process can be visualized and supervised, and the efficiency of safety production management can be improved.


The detection focuses include: identification of safety clothing (such as whether helmets, safety belts, reflective clothing, etc.), environmental risk identification (identification of flames, liquid leakage, etc.), belt wear/foreign object identification, and personnel behavior identification. Using AI video analysis technology, human-machine environment data is automatically monitored and early-warned, and intelligent perception, intelligent analysis, and intelligent decision-making of safe production processes are realized.


Gifa hardware recommendation

▶Adopt Intel® 6,7th gen, low-power processor (regularly use i3-6100U)

▶802.3AF network port power supply function, 1+4 groups of Intel high-performance Gigabit Ethernet ports

▶IP67 waterproof grade, can work in special environment with water depth of 1M

▶Industrial-grade robust design, resistant to 1000Kg external pressure

▶Waterproof antenna hole, support Wifi and 3G module

▶3 sets of USB sockets, 2 sets of COM ports, support RS232/485


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