Gifa Launched the AI Scale Solution of ARM Architecture

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Gifa Launched the AI Scale Solution of ARM Architecture


Before the introduction of AI capabilities, it usually takes 2-3 seconds to manually search for pictures of dishes. After using AI scales, the recognition time for dishes is shortened to less than 0.2s. At the same time, it cooperates with the system to complete automatic weighing. It shortens the queuing time of customers and helps offline retailers improve customer shopping experience. At present, AI scales have been applied in many large supermarket chains.

Gifa's AI scale solution can accurately and quickly identify more than 1,000 kinds of vegetables, fruits, dry goods, snacks, etc., Just place the goods on the weighing pan, and the items can be automatically identified so as to realize the integrated weighing of AI cashier, which not only helps the operator to be freed from reciting codes, but also optimizes the customer's shopping experience.

Solution advantage

▶ Support AI-based visual recognition technology to analyze the categories of fruits and vegetables, dry goods, meat and other weighing items in the picture, which can meet most of the use needs.

▶ Supports automatic training. After each recognition is completed, model enhancement training will be carried out automatically, and the recognition accuracy will be continuously improved during use.

▶ The training results in the cloud are automatically synchronized to the recognition modules with lower recognition accuracy.

▶ Support label printer, thermal printer.

▶ Support cash register, mixed use of weighing goods, no need to switch.

▶ Aggregate multiple payment modes, which can support WeChat code scanning, Alipay scanning code, WeChat face scanning, and cash payment.

Since 2021, Gifa has successively launched a series of Arm software and hardware integrated solutions to help upgrade various applications such as retail POS, self-service kiosks, NVR storage, industrial control tablets, industrial control boxes, cloud terminals, and vehicle-mounted Internet of Things.


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