Introduction of Industrial Motherboard

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With the rapid development of the economy, the computer hardware industry is gradually enriched and optimized. Generation after generation of excellent products have penetrated into thousands of households and are deeply loved by thousands of households. Of course, the operation of a computer is bound to involve the motherboard. The motherboard is divided into commercial motherboards and industrial control motherboards. Most of the commercial motherboards appear in the home version of the computer, because most of them consider the best match of hardware and how to play the highest with the same configuration.

What is an industrial motherboard?

The industrial motherboard is a special motherboard mainly used for industrial computers to help deal with industrial projects. The industrial motherboard is a card-shaped composite board, which is full of various industrial components and sockets, just like the commercial motherboard. From the perspective of board type, the industrial motherboard is relatively small, and there are two or three or four PCL ports! There will also be two or more memory stick sockets, and the industrial motherboard uses low-power chips to save power consumption. When you use it, you must distinguish between commercial motherboards and industrial motherboards!

industrial motherboard

Features of industrial motherboard

Industrial motherboards are mainly suitable for design, industrial and other project occasions. Therefore, most of the machines used in engineering projects use industrial motherboards. Using industrial motherboards can improve efficiency, reduce manual maintenance times and costs. The performance of industrial motherboard is very outstanding in terms of design, materials, etc., and it has corresponding stability, relatively low accident rate, high relative stability, low fault repair rate, and strong Saner etc. In addition, the industrial motherboard is suitable for operation between -40 degrees and 90 degrees. The temperature range and humidity ratio can also be between 0 and 95%. It also has strong self-radiation control, which is very suitable for metal dust or normal operation under the working condition of ordinary dust!

The main function of industrial motherboard

The industrial motherboard is mainly suitable for the production of industrial equipment, GPS navigation, and some other precision data accumulation! Some units need a stable background system, and the industrial organization can play its role at this time. The industrial motherboard can help reduce personal costs. The benefits of science and technology have increased, and at the same time the cost of labor has been reduced, but the relative price is relatively high, and the application range of industrial control motherboards is becoming wider and wider! At the same time, the economic status is also gradually improving!

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