Gifa Embedded Industrial Computer Solution- "Smart Logistics"

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Gifa Embedded Industrial Computer Solution- "Smart Logistics"


The core of the smart logistics management system is intelligent equipments in operation and execution such as automatic sorting machines, storage handheld terminals, mobile robots and AGV cars, etc. And the support of multiple technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, industrial computers, and network technology, smart logistics has ushered in a major development opportunity. At present, the scale of the logistics industry is growing rapidly at a rate of 40% per year.


Gifa can provide customers with high-quality embedded industrial computer solutions, and can provide central hardware support for controlling embedded computers for the effective application of intelligent logistics management systems in intelligent network management and intelligent devices such as intelligent robots and intelligent terminals.


Product recommendation: GE-901EI-F2

This embedded industrial computer adopts industrial-grade Intel® Q170 system chip, which can be equipped with Intel® Xeon®/Core™ desktop processor (6th/7th/8th/9th Gen), equipped with 6 COM ports, 3 Gigabit network port and 10 USB ports provide a wide space for system expansion and upgrade, and can connect various peripherals.


This industrial computer can meet the installation requirements of wall-mounted and embedded, and its hardware configuration is as follows: It adopts aluminum rectangular profile heat dissipation shell, stylish in appearance, small in size, and achieves high integration and high performance; VGA, HDMI and DP interfaces, Supports up to 4K 60Hz resolution, 1*Mini PCIe slot, supports WIFI/3G/4G, 1*M.2 E-Key supports WIFI, 1*external 2.5-inch hard disk extraction box, built-in a 2.5-inch hard disk, wide voltage power supply DC 9-48V, with short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent protection.


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