Gifa Industrial Computer Application-Urban Video Surveillance Solutions

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Gifa Industrial Computer Application-Urban Video Surveillance Solutions


Demand of City Video Surveillance System

The scale of safe city construction is quite large. Main streets, intersections, enterprises, shopping malls, schools and important places in the city must be monitored and managed centrally and 24/7 , so the monitoring system will face the challenge of large-capacity storage.

In large and medium-sized cities with rich optical fiber resources, wired methods are usually the first choice to realize the transmission of various points. While in small and medium-sized cities with weak resources, the laying of optical fibers will undoubtedly lead to problems of high cost and long construction period. Therefore, wireless video transmission system can be a better option.

Advantages of 5G+ video surveillance
In the urban video surveillance system, "high definition" and "intelligence" are key elements. The high transmission rate, high broadband, and high reliability of 5G reduce the delay caused by network transmission speed and accelerate the ultra-high-definition display of monitoring information, thereby helping the city command center platform to make more accurate, more effective, and faster decisions.

Functional requirements for industrial computer

1. 5G communication capability, supports full Netcom fixed APN under both Windows system and LINUX system, networking mode SA realizes closed-loop communication of 5G small base stations in specific scenarios, which is safer and faster.

2. Network port communication capability, multi-network port independent MAC, low-level wake-up operation and maintenance function, support POE rapid deployment, fast debugging, and convenient post-operation and maintenance.

3. The network port bus control function is used as the master station of the ethercat protocol, which makes full use of the fast communication function of 5G and combines with the cloud background to give full play to the edge business advantages.

4. GPIO optic coupler isolation capability, which is convenient for free configuration and meets the implementation of free IO business scenarios.

5. Adaptable computing power, from low configuration to high configuration 6th generation to 9th generation, CPU (35W/65W) optional, GPU optional, fully adapt to the hardware requirements of different business scenarios and cooperate with the edge computing system for computing power scheduling.

6. Environmental adaptability, anti-seismic, anti-radiation and anti-corrosion IP65/66 level, 7*24 hours, wide temperature operation from -20°C to 70°C.

7. Multi-system, multi-network compatibility, windows+Linux, WIFI+wired+5G+4G adaptation.


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