Gifa launched an industrial control motherboard based on Intel® Core™ Alder Lake-PS series processors

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Gifa launched an industrial control motherboard based on Intel® Core™ Alder Lake-PS series processors

Recently, Gifa launched an industrial control motherboard based on Intel® Core™ Alder Lake-PS series processors designed for IoT applications. This new product maximizes the many new technologies and excellent performance of the Intel® Alder Lake-PS series CPU, and can be applied to scenarios such as industrial inspection, man-machine interface, and AI-based video analysis, especially for edge video analysis applications.




Adopt Gen12 Intel® Core™ Alder Lake-PS series processor

1*DDR4 SO-DIMM, Support DDR4 3200 Single Channel, max 32GB

1*RTL8111H, 1*M.2 Key-M, support 2280 length, NVME protocol

1*M.2 Key-E, support 2230 length, WIFI/BT module

2*HDMI, HDMI2.0b, max resolution 4K@60Hz

1*EDP/LVDS, support 8bit dual-channel LVDS, max resolution 1920*1080@60Hz

Support three-screen synchronous/asynchronous display

2*COM, COM1 is RS232/485 mode BIOS selectable, the 9th pin selects RI/5V/12V through the jumper cap, COM2 is RS232 mode



Suitable for industrial computer, man-machine interface, etc. AI function also provides fast/accurate machine vision.

Video and security meet the needs of 4K video, AI-based video analysis and applications such as matching the diversification of display module shapes.


Breakthrough core technology:

The 12th Generation Intel® Core™ processors are the first Intel® Core™ processors with High-Performance Hybrid Architecture. It includes 6 multi-threaded performance cores (P-cores) for main workloads, and 8 single-threaded energy efficiency cores (E-cores) for additional multitasking and scalability.

The new design includes Intel Thread Director, which intelligently instructs the operating system to assign the appropriate workload to the appropriate core. Compared to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors have up to 14 cores and 20 threads. And single-threaded performance can be increased by up to 1.32 times, and multi-threaded performance can be increased by up to 1.27 times.


Enhanced graphics, artificial intelligence and visual capabilities 

Intel Iris Xe Graphics has up to 96 Graphics Execution Units (EUs) ,supports up to 4 display pipelines and can drive 4 concurrent 4K60 displays or 8K single display resolution. Pipelock Video Sync running on Windows can drive multi-panel video walls.

CPU built-in artificial intelligence acceleration derived from Intel Deep Learning Boost (Intel DL Boost), which provides additional processing power for inference. These processors fully support Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit optimizations and cross-architecture inference.



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