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Gifa can bring embedded industrial computer with low power consumption and high performance


1. No fan and no cable design greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system. Embedded industrial computers are small in size and have limited heat dissipation capabilities, so fanless design has become an inevitable choice. The embedded industrial computer uses heat sinks distributed on the surface of the chassis to dissipate heat, which effectively solves the problem of high internal temperature of the chassis and the problem that the cooling fan is prone to failure when it works for a long time. At the same time, the fanless operation avoids the requirement of air convection, it can effectively prevents dust from entering the interior of the industrial computer. Because of no cable design, all circuits are firmly fixed inside the industrial computer by means of circuit boards, so that it can maintain stable and reliable operation in extremely harsh environments such as high temperature, high frequency vibration, and high dust.

2. Modular design, multi-network, multi-string, PCI-E or PCI expansion slot can be added according to customer requirements.

3. The embedded industrial computer is compact in size, small in size, light in weight, easy to install and maintain, flexible, easy to operate, and can be matched with almost any terminal, equipment or control cabinet.

4. System upgrade is easy. With the continuous improvement of the performance of the microprocessor, the processing, communication and interface capabilities of the embedded industrial computer have reached a very high level, which is enough to meet the requirements of various complex control strategies of the industrial control system. It is suitable for industrial sites with long-term operation and harsh environments. It is widely used in financial equipment terminals, inquiry machines, subway fare collection, subway gates, vehicle-mounted terminals, intelligent transportation, machine vision, medical equipment, and factory automation.

Gifa is a professional integrated embedded hardware solution provider. It can provide customers with reliable fanless industrial computers suitable for various environments.

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