Why choose a fanless industrial computer?

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Why choose a fanless industrial computer?


The fanless industrial computer is an industrial computer without a fan. The main components of the fanless machine are also composed of the motherboard, CPU, memory, and storage devices, and the CPU will generate heat when it is working and computing. In order to ensure the normal operation and good heat dissipation of the industrial computer, the whole machine usually adopts a closed alloy chassis. The internal temperature of the industrial computer leads the heat source to the entire chassis through a special heat-conducting material, so that the internal temperature is dissipated through the entire alloy chassis. The biggest advantage is that it not only solves the problem of computer heat dissipation, but the closed chassis can also play the role of dust and moisture resistance, and at the same time, it also protects the internal components well.

Advantages of the fanless machine:

1. The volume is small, and the main components of the computer are integrated in the case.

2. Excellent performance. The fanless machine mainly adopts Atom high-performance and low-power consumption series CPU, which not only has good performance but also has relatively low heat generation. Fanless machines also use Intel i3 / i5 / i7 high performance processors.

3. Rich functions. Although the fanless machine's expansion function is limited, its reserved interface is relatively rich, and it usually reserved high-definition display interface, 2~12 USB ports and 2~12 serial ports, suitable for various working environments.

4. Outstanding features, scientific and reasonable alloy chassis design not only can prevent dust, moisture, vibration, also can endure -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ working temperature, and the ability to resist electromagnetic interference is relatively strong.

Gifa is a professional integrated embedded hardware solution provider. It can provide customers with reliable fanless industrial computers suitable for various environments.

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