How to Choose an Industrial PC Motherboard?

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At present, the field of modern industrial automation is mainly equipped with industrial PC motherboards, and the production of industrial PC motherboards is still increasing year by year. However, in order to save costs and lower prices, some industrial PC motherboard manufacturers can gain a firm foothold in the market, not only reducing the number of board layers, but also making corresponding weakening adjustments on the materials and accessories of industrial PC motherboards. So, how do end users screen the quality of industrial PC motherboards when purchasing industrial control computers? With years of experience in the production of industrial motherboards, our company shares three aspects of experience here.

I/O interface

The I/O interface part of the industrial computer motherboard can often reflect the positioning of a motherboard and the functions provided, although for most users, the dual network ports and serial ports provided by the I/O interface may not be available. However, for users who need it, this point is more important. At the same time, the USB interface of the motherboard of the industrial computer sometimes affects the application requirements, and the interfaces provided on the high-end motherboard are relatively rich. Generally speaking, for the IO interface part of the industrial control motherboard, it is necessary to meet the needs of the application side as much as possible, and at the same time maintain flexible and convenient scalability for industrial applications.

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Board type

There are mainly two types of industrial PC motherboards: large boards and small boards. Even among the large boards, there are several types of differences. Users need to be aware that different versions of industrial PC motherboards have different PCB costs and expansion capabilities, which will affect the cost and pricing of industrial PC motherboards. For example, some motherboards use highly integrated chipsets, the basic features of which are simpler layout and lower manufacturing costs. For the application side, the motherboard type that can meet the customer's application requirements is the most suitable solution, and unnecessary expansion performance is redundant for cost and pricing.

Workmanship and raw materials

The workmanship materials of the industrial PC motherboard are mainly viewed from two aspects: the workmanship of the PCB (printed circuit board), the quality of the PC board with guaranteed quality is basically consistent, the finish is good, and the general quality that looks shiny is better. The general standard for the number of layers of PCB boards is four or six-layer boards. Of course, the quality of six-layer boards is much better. The workmanship of SMT (surface mount) components mainly judges whether the production process of the motherboard is excellent by observing the mounting accuracy of certain components. The standard components are positioned accurately and without offset.

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The long-term stability and reliability of industrial embedded products and industrial tablet PCs are not only related to industrial PC motherboards, but the structure and hardware design are also very important aspects for the reliability of industrial PCs. We are very mature and confident in the selection of motherboards. With our excellent hardware structure design capabilities, the current mainstream products have been verified in major customer projects, and product quality and supply cycle can be effectively guaranteed. If you have any questions about industrial PC motherboard, kindly contact us today.


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