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Smart Community

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Smart Community


1. Smart old-age health robot

Combined with the actual situation of the community, AI and big data technologies are used to provide customized services for the elderly through the platform carrier of robots, which can better meet the daily entertainment and leisure needs of the elderly in the community.


2. Intelligent security

This system can integrate technologies such as face recognition and infrared recognition to realize intelligent access control, intelligent monitoring, intelligent attendance, unified monitoring and management, which can provide efficient and reliable intelligent security access control management solutions.


3. Property management system


Relying on the concept of the Internet and AI, it provides one-stop system development solutions for properties, including digital community + government services + convenient life, closely linking property community services and residents' lives.

Intel Movidius X VPU launched by GIFA

Intel 11th generation Core Tiger lake-U i7 -1185G7 + VPU hybrid computing card



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