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Smart Education

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Smart education


Main Function:

1.Intelligent electronic whiteboard

Specially designed for teaching scenarios, it supports multi-person online interactive whiteboards with multiple functions such as interactive graffiti, real-time synchronization, document sharing and recording. 


2. Multifunctional Lecture Hall

The multi-functional lecture hall can integrate the speech system, lighting and sound reinforcement system, central control matrix system, electronic table card and other systems. It adopts scientific collocation to simplify the operation and realize the automation and intelligence of the system. digitization and digitization.


GI-7200D26-L mainboard for integrated video conferencing system

▶3.5 inch standard board (148*102mm)
▶Using Intel® Core™ i5-7200U processor
▶Support dual-channel DDR4 SO-DIMM memory, the maximum capacity is 32GB
▶Supports dual HDMI displays
▶Support dual Gigabit Intel high-performance network cards
▶Support 4*USB3.0, 6*USB2.0
▶Support 1*Mini-PCle interface, expandable WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G
▶Support 1*M.2 interface, support NVME and SATA protocol




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