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Smart Medical

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Smart Medical


1. Digitization of equipment

The digitization of medical equipment is the basis of digital medical care. The digital medical equipment means that data acquisition, processing, storage and transmission are all based on computer technology. Medical equipment that works under computer software has gradually replaced conventional equipment and become the mainstream of clinical equipment. Digital medical equipment can store, process and transmit the collected information.


2. Networking of equipment

Digital medical care can realize the sharing of equipment resources within the hospital. This way can shorten the time for patient registration, payment, medicine collection, medical treatment and reduce the probability of errors. In terms of telemedicine, digital medicine can realize remote teaching and video conference, remote consultation and surgery, online inquiry and help, online registration and appointment.


3. Informatization of management

Managers can keep abreast of the operation of the hospital and the work of various departments through the network, so that the hospital is always in the best operating state. Moreover, the hospital can provide patients with all kinds of required information at any time.


Application scenarios


GIFA industrial control boards are widely used in hospital information systems, ward information systems, remote patient monitoring systems, bedside monitoring systems, nuclear magnetic imaging, color Doppler imaging, blood analyzers, archives, etc.



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