What is a micro ATX motherboard?

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When you have to build a new Computer System, it requires various exciting decisions. These usually range from deciding the RAM needs to getting a graphic card and selecting the best industrial motherboard.

When it’s about choosing the right motherboard option for your system, the availability of different types and sizes can overwhelm the process.

Everything you need to know about micro ATX motherboards.

Motherboards are here to offer compatibility with various hardware, but these are also available in different sizes, known as form factors. However, here we will describe one of these form factors, i.e., micro ATX motherboard, to let you understand more about it.

So, here we go:

What is a micro ATX motherboard?

A micro ATX motherboard is smaller than other motherboard form factors. This tiny ATX motherboard was presented for the first time in 1997, just about 2 years after the invention of the ATX motherboard.

The micro ATX motherboard has taken its design from the ATX motherboard but in a smaller size. The size of a Micro ATX motherboard typically lies between 244 x 244 mm. This ATX motherboard form factor features various RAM slots, graphic cards, and multiple processors. Due to space-saving features, micro ATX motherboards don’t contain any additional features.

Unlike any ATX motherboard form factor, a micro ATX motherboard contains fewer SATA ports and M2 slots. Therefore, a micro ATX motherboard isn't the best choice for consumers requiring tons of storage space. So, you must avoid using a micro ATX motherboard for large and data-based solutions.

Why should you use a micro ATX motherboard?

Even though micro ATX motherboard comes up with multiple challenges, these form factors also contain unique benefits. Looking at some of these benefits we have enlisted below will help you understand things better.

So, here we go:

  • Micro ATX motherboard is perfect for space-saving applications. These motherboards are available in smaller sizes, so they need less space on cases. The smaller form will also help make the system's average airflow more efficient.
  • Micro ATX motherboards are budget-friendly. It is mainly because these require lower power needs. Due to this, a micro ATX motherboard is more suitable for all average PC needs.
  • The latest micro ATX motherboards have even bridged multiple gaps and turned these motherboards into smaller towers. You can easily choose from memory kits to high-power graphic cards, coolers, and processors to install on a micro ATX motherboard on the go.
  • Above all, Micro ATX motherboards are available in different shapes and types. These typically range from side paneling to noise-canceling foams for a more refined build. You can consider this a lighter and smaller solution for your needs.

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