Solution Release|Gifa Smart Retail Scalable Solution

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Solution Release|Gifa Smart Retail Scalable Solution


In recent smart retail industry, the all-in-one touch cash register has gradually become the mainstream product of the cash register terminal because of its appearance design and easy operation.

Its main features are: double screen, double touch, with cameras, card readers and other equipment.

To better meet consumer market's needs, product appearance design tends to  "thin and beautiful", but its function requires traditional parallel ports, multi-serial ports, cash drawer drive ports and other large-sized and low-speed interfaces.



Existing Problems in Touch Cash Register All-In-One Machine Remains to be Solved


1.Structure: The Mini-ITX motherboard commonly used in touch cash registers today is large in size, high in thickness, intricate in wires, which cause signal interference and poor reliability.

2.Heat Dissipation: according to the fact that the actual maximum power of the CPU is equal to the power consumption of PL2. The default PL2 of J6412 is 12.5W, and maximum power exceeds 20W.

Intel's 11th generation Core has a maximum power of 64W. In other words, in addition to reducing the performance of the CPU, it has been unable to solve the problem of structural heat dissipation.

3.Standard 3.5-inch motherboards also have some problems in POS products:

high cost, lack of support for native dual EDP/LVDS/MIPI screens, and specifications are also not very suitable for POS products.

Therefore, in order to meet the model structure and function requirements of different products, various POS machine manufacturers customize different mainboards, resulting in problems such as

uncommon mainboards, multiple models, long material preparation and procurement cycles, high service costs, and multiple supporting wires and equipment models.



Motherboard Expansion Function Connection

How to connect the CPU core board, IO expansion board, and screen expansion board?


The CPU core board and the IO board need to connect the following signals: motherboard power supply line, multiple serial port lines, parallel port line, network port line, USB line, etc.

The connection signals of the CPU core board and the secondary screen expansion board include: eDP/LVDS/MIPI display signal, USB2.0/3.0 signal, etc.


Gifa expandable POS motherboard solution

According to the OECS open extensible connection specification (open extensible connection specification), improve the connector and connection bus:


Unified scalable connection standards;

Improve product reliability;

Reduce development cycle and development cost;

Unified POS motherboard design specifications.



1. Size: 150mm*105mm, it not only has a small size also meets the needs of the post-IO of the POS industry for serial ports, RJ12 cash drawer ports and third-screen display, which greatly solves the problem  of insufficient post-IO functions of 3.5-inch motherboards;

2. The mainboard only retains the common functions of POS industry products to minimize costs; 12V power supply, 2*9-wire serial port + 2*4-wire serial port,                                                                                USB and display functions are all native EDP/MIPI interfaces;

3. Other functions can be expanded, 24V power supply, POWER USB, 6 serial ports, multiple USB, etc.



OCES standard product design:

1. OCES mainboard + IO expansion board constitutes rich post-IO functions;

2. BOX can be placed on the base of the POS machine, and the heat conduction through the base can solve the problems of ESD and heat dissipation;

3. Easy to maintain, BOX can be removed directly on the base, also realize the overall replacement of the motherboard BOX;

4. The main and secondary screen touch, display, camera, card reader, and speaker signals can all be connected through the HSIO line;

5. Simple implementation of dual-screen expansion (two HSIO lines).





For details of the above products, please consult the sales person of Gifa, and Gifa reserves the right of final interpretation of product design.



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