What Is an Industrial Computer and Its Main Advantages

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What is an industrial computer?

An industrial computer is a specific type of computing system designed to manage various factory and industrial workloads in machine automation, manufacturing equipment, and new-age autonomous robotics. A great advantage of industrial computers is their ability to operate with high reliability in the harshest industrial environments. Most industrial computers feature a rugged design concept with fanless cooling, cable-free connections to eliminate moving parts, and some resistance to dust and water intrusion. These key features are some of the greatest advantages of industrial computers as it provides stability and efficiency to the computer. Many industrial automation deployments cannot afford downtime.

What are the main advantages of industrial computers?

Workload Consolidation:

Industrial computers have the processing power to complete multiple tasks at the same time, reducing the hardware footprint

IoT Connectivity:

Rich wired I/O and wireless connectivity technologies combine traditional and leading-edge devices, and data transmission from remote and mobile environments.


Intelligent design and rugged features allow industrial computers to withstand the harsh and challenging physical elements encountered in a variety of industrial environments


Industrial computers have a modular design that allows for interchangeable expansion options.


Trusted Platform Module with TPM 2.0 standard enables hardware boot security, encryption and network security protection.

Intelligent automation:

Powerful processing and performance acceleration options enable real-time inferential analytics and machine learning for richer, data-driven autonomy at the rugged edge.

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